White Mosaic Adhesive

product description:
Sure fix White mosaic adhesive is a white cement based polymer modified adhesive for fixing glass mosaic, Swimming pool tiles, marble, natural stones on a variety of interior and exterior substrates for wall and floor application.


Multipurpose hi-polymer modified adhesive. | High bond strength suitable for application of various tiles and stones | High flexible adhesive | Non-skid adhesive | Water-resistance properties

Suitable substrates:

Concrete | Cement plaster |Cement mortar beds| Brick Masonry | Ceramic tiles and stones | Cement terrazzo| Swimming Pools | Concrete masonry.

Technical detail(For All Products):
This product is As per IS 15377 & ANSI118.4. Packing: 20 kg bag, Color: available in grey and white Shelf life: Factory sealed bag are best before 12 months from the date of manufacturing in unopened condition stored in the dry area.

Note: Do not apply Wood, Metal, and paint.


Tile Spacer

We are offering 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm tile spacers. Fast quality high-density polyethylene. 

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Water Proofing Liquid Sbr

Sure fix water-proofing liquid SBR is a specially made for water-proofing applications for all type cementation surfaces and bonding agent for cement work. Excellence adhesion to cement surface.

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Cement Base Color Grout

CGU is a white cement based polymer modified color grout. It is the right bonding material to fill joints to fix ceramic, vitrified wall and floor tiles.

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Epoxy Grout

Colorfast and 100% stain free Chemical resistant with nontoxic properties Antibacterial and antifungal Strong durable and easy to clean Ideal for waterproof grouting Available in all shades and also sparkle base color(Zari Color).

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